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Monday, November 28, 2011

Beatrice Ephrussi Rothschild

Beatrice Ephrussi Rothschild (1864-1934) was an 18th century lover with taste and an abundance of funds! 

She was born in Paris to the Rothschild banking family and as an adult married Maurice Ephrussi, an other banker. She was a socialite and traveler, using her money to travel the world and purchase an amazing collection of art. Her other main legacy is her chateau on Cap. Ferrat on the French Riviera.

This famous pink house happily sits on the Cap Ferrat, close to the town St. Jean where since I was just a baby I have gone on vacations to. As an appreciator of history as well as beautiful things I have always loved this museum and returned year after year. The gardens are SPECTACULAR, as is the view, and as is the house it's self.

Beatrice loved the 18th century. She collected furniture, textiles, and art from this era. Pieces include the last remaining original carpet from the Versailles cathedral, sketches by François Boucher, a desk and table having belonged to Marie Antoinette, and her very own own Sedan Chair.

I always enjoyed hearing stories of her having tea parties with friends in 18th century dress! Also people recalling her being carried around the state in her Sedan Chair. She was described as a bit of a character!

If you are ever have the delight to be in this area, I would highly advise a trip to this villa!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

1780s Polonaise to do list

 Main dress - check!

Petticoat - not check

more time to practice hair - not check
sleeve trim and flounces - not check
fichu - not check

And I thought I was almost finished!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

1957 Dress

I'm making a really fun 1950s dress from a pattern I've had for a while.

I'm trying to decide what fabric to use. There are lots of great prints at and I may very well use a flower print from there. I could also use a stripe or checked cotton of chiffon. Hmmm... lots of options!

I'm making option 3.

American Duchess Pemberlies

I think it is great that the American Duchess is coming up with her own business to sell all of us history and costume geeks the shoes of our dreams! Every time she says that at the pre-order if the order number is below 100 it will be canceled, I get nervous I want to see what she'll do next if this one is an other success! So everyone get some shoes!

The "Pemberley" Regency shoes are closely based on extant footwear from the 1790s through 1810.  The smooth, dyable, hand-sewn leather upper is designed to be lovely enough formal occasions, and durable enough for walking in the countryside.  Particular attention was paid to the point of the toe, as well as the other hallmarks of Regency historical footwear, with the main goals being both historical accuracy and all-day comfort

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Georgian Inspirations

I recently celebrated a birthday, and my wonderful family and friends surprised me with a smörgåsbord of 18th century themed items! Such as a pair of American Duchess Georgiana shoes,

a copy of Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire's novel The Sylph,

a regency fashion plates poster from Bath,

and who knows were she found them, but my grandmother found two original late 18th century fashion plates!! Now I'm just aching to make a Peirrot Jacket in shot green taffeta like in one of the pictures! I'll post pictures of theme an other time! 

Thank you family and friends for a great birthday!