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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Late Victorian Camisole

In preparation for my next project, a late Victorian corset, I've been making some of the accompanying accessories. I made a quick pair of drawers out of some white china silk I had left over from a chemise. Not ideal but it was the best light white material that I had. I stitched some vintage crocheted lace to the hems, gathered the leg about an inch and a half from the hem, and closed the back with a button. I doubt it's very accurate but it was a Sunday afternoon project so what ever.

More notably I made a short camisole to go under my non existent late Victorian and Edwardian corsets. It's made from off white linen, sewn by hand with french seams and double turn hems. The bottom hem has a channel for a ribbon to gather it. The Neckline and Armscyes are trimmed with the same crocheted lace. 

The camisole was inspired by a beautiful original one I saw on etsy.

 I based my embroidery pattern off of this one two. Instead of blush, I made mine white.

You can still see the crease from the embroidery hoop! The skirt pictured above is an original one in my collection. I chose the materials for the camisole so they would go together as well as possible.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Late Victorian Dressing Gown

Recently I decided to whip up a 1880s-1890s dressing gown while I was waiting for my corset materials to arrive in the mail. I wanted to make something simple that I could draft myself (and I have little to no experience in doing that). My main inspiration was this dressing gown from.

I bought a length of Vintage net lace on Etsy and found a pretty cotton material at Joanne's home decor with the slightest hint of sheen.

I made five 1/2 inch pleats on the front neck and created a faux saque back. I sewed on the lace and then bound the neckline with white satin single fold bias binding. The robe is unlined but finished with french seems and double turn hems. The sleeves are slim fitted and made from my regency long sleeve pattern, I also bias bound the armscyes. The Dressing gown is closed with a silk satin ribon.