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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Historical Sew Fortnightly: Pretty Pretty Princess

I made an 1891 shell pink ball gown inspired by some of Worth's early 1890s dresses, some portraits, and an antique Parisien pair of opera glasses in the same color scheme. I didn't base it on a single person though I was inspired by Consuelo Vanderbilt ex Duchess of Marlborough after reading her autobiography. I decided to enter this inter the challenge because when I was at the photo shoot two little girls asked me if I was a princess and took photos with me!

The Challenge: Pretty Pretty Princess

Fabric: pink polyester heavy satin, I'm not exactly sure if that's the best way to describe it or how much I used because I just had it in my stash and got it last year from Jomar. Cotton and duck for the bodice lining. Ivory linen for the skirt lining. Pink silk chiffon for the neckline trim.

Pattern: Truly Victorian TV490 and TV298

Year: 1891-2

Notions: Gutermann and Coats & Clark thread, silk flowers, hooks and eyes, and 6 inches of ribbon to make a train loop for my skirt

How historically accurate is it? The patterns are accurate and the design is based off of extent garments and portraits. The fabric, thread, and flowers were all synthetic unfortunately.

Hours to complete: The first day I spent 11 hours and finished all the main construction. Then I paused and did little bits on weekends until it was finished. So upwards of 15 hours I'm guessing, I'm not very fast.

First worn: June 8th for the photo shoot at Longwood Gardens

Total cost: $28.50 for the patterns, everything else came from my stash.

I promise I had no idea that I was mimicking this portrait!



A Few Photos from my Photoshoot

On the 8th three friends of mine, my fantastic photographer/mother and I drove out to Longwood Gardens for a photo shoot. I don't have to many photos ready to show, but they are gorgeous. We got some bizarre looks as we walked in with our hair and makeup all done but in modern day clothes. And I apologise to the few confused people who walked into a bathroom to find some crazy girls lacing corsets and pinning flowers into their hair! It was absolutely wonderful fun, the place was practically empty, and the weather was perfect. I'll show more pictures later, but here are two of me and the best group shot.

Here is my favorite group shot. I made all of the dresses in the last 6 months and they all suited their model perfectly! I love my friends; they are the best. I think this photo looks like the cover of a BBC drama that spans three eras!