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Friday, September 13, 2013

British Tea 2013

I had a tea party last week and the pictures are adorable so I thought I would post a few!
These lovely ladies on my left and right are my co-conspirators in the costumes club I head at my school. Xx
Thanks to my wonderful friends who made it such a lovely afternoon and we missed those we couldn't make it!

Finished Classical 1912 Dress

So I finished my 1910s classical dress for my Downton Abbey project. But then school started and I had field hockey and no extra time! Hence no pictures or news. So here are a few snaps of the dress, I'll post better photos when I've done a real photo shoot.

This was before I sewed on the skirt or waist band or lace.

I also received the corset materials for my 1912 corset, now I just have to size up the pattern from festive attyre. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tea Time!

I love hosting tea parties. They are so traditional, so feminine, and so British! It's an excuse to dress up a bit and eat lots of sweets and drink many cups of tea. So basically what's not to love. Here are some party inspiration photos and some pictures from a tea party I held last year. (blogger is not working and won't allow me to add links to text so I'll just paste them in bellow the caption)

Rifle Paper company Botanical alphabet  Garlands

British flag bunting

scones from BBC food recipes

My favorite jam recipe from the food network
last year's tea party

setting up in advance

homemade jam and clotted cream