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Monday, May 27, 2013

"Gap" Regency shoes

I got a pair of Gap leather ballet flats at the beginning of this school year since I have a soft spot for yellow shoes. Unfortunately they always slipped off my feet when I wore them since my feet fall in between two sizes. So although I liked them quite a bit, the obvious thing to do was turn them into regency slippers! 

First I snipped off the purple bows (they weren't particularly attractive).
 Even though the style predates the time I mean my shoe to be from, I had to trim them with a little ruffle.
 I sewed two loops onto each side so to add some ribbons. That solves the shoes coming of my foot!
 They came out a bit crazier than I'd expected, but I still really like them!
Hopefully soon I'll finish my blue silk ball gown circa 1813-1817! I love blue and yellow/gold together, possibly because that is my school uniform and therefor has been ingrained in me for 10 years!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

In the Works: 1891 ball gown

I am too busy to write anything other than... the dress is coming along nicely. And all I have left to do is finish sewing on flowers and pearls, finish the petticoat, and maybe add some puff sleeves (maybe they can be detachable?).

This dress reflects the weather! Spring in blossom!