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Sunday, December 22, 2013

School School School and Costumes Crew

So it's winter break (at last) and I haven't posted since October. I have a good excuse, I promise! I've had ridiculous amounts of work at school, plus sports every day, I've costumed an entire school play, I turned 16, went to the opera in New York, had an amazing birthday party, got my drivers permit, and am now working on a second school play. I do have some projects I have been working on that are near completion though, which I hope to share photos of within the next few days. After Christmas I bet I'll be ready to start some fun new projects! 

For now here are some pictures from the sewing workshop I hosted yesterday for my school costumes crew to get started on our new show. The play is an adaptation of Shakespeare's 12th Night set on long island in the 1920s! Just up my alley! So we started off by making four evening gowns and it took most of Saturday, but we made tremendous headway! Thanks again to Morgan, Maddie, Alex, and Fenian or their awesome work!
My own 20s dresses for inspiration and patterns

Maddie and Alex hard at work

Morgan and I are the heads and partners in crime

I'm making a weird face

Alex had no sewing background but now she is an expert cutter and even patterned one of the dresses!

I love my costumes crew because everyone is a sweetheart with whom I love spending time

Viola's party dress is supposed to emphasize her femininity because she has just revealed that she is in fact not a boy! This is probably my favorite of the dresses we made because it is so sweet and delicate and it reminds me of the fashion shift in late 1910s/early 1920s.

This is the slip for Viola's dress, but it's pretty cute on it's own!

This is Zelda Fitzgerald's party dress

This is Aunt Tobee's dress, she is a female version of Sir Tobee Belch from the original play (I go to a girls school so we try to get as many girl's parts out of a script as possible). She is supposed to be more mature/elderly but elegant and fashionable. In real life the fabric is semi metallic and is really pretty. There is also a scooped neckline in the back and the scarf hangs down.


  1. Fantastic! I had to do a double-take with Viola's pink dress. It looks like an original!

    1. Thank you, that is high praise, especially from a costumer I admire so much!