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Friday, June 22, 2012

Bright Young People 1926 Dress

I made this dress when I was almost 13 for my birthday party inspired by Theresa Youngman and the Bright Young People of London's jazz age.

It was made from a 1926 french pattern that I got from Eva Dress. It's in a Mediterranean blue georgette.

I'm on the left. I also made the white one but
 in about 24 hours! 
I thought it was an absolute dream then (other than the boatloads of problems) and I still love it!

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  1. Hi Caroline! I found your post on American Duchess to your blog! Your costumes are so beautiful! I think it is fantastic that you love costumes so much and work towards historical correct stuff at your age! How exciting! I look forward to all of your new pieces as you make them!

    Good luck! You can follow my blog at - I do a lot of medieval to renaissance costumes. I am working towards 18-19 centuries...and I am in Canada!

    Keep up the fantastic work! We are reading!