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Monday, June 25, 2012

Women studying at Cambridge

So I'm luck enough to be doing an academic program at Cambridge this summer. (!!!!) I live for British History, it's my absolute passion and that's what I'm studying (as well as English lit.)!! Cambridge University was founded in 1209, so academics have studied within it's walls for centuries but female academics only for a drawer's full of decades. 

University of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire UK

Girton, the first Cambridge college for females, was founded in 1869. By 1881 women scholars were allowed to take their examinations but were not accepted as full on Cambridge students. In 1921 women were still not allowed to receive a full degree but in 1948 they were accepted as full members. Until 1972 women could still only attend the women's colleges but after that year they could attend any of the colleges.

 Girton college 1890s

Girton fire brigade (from 1878-1932)

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  1. Do you know what life was like for the women at that time?

    1. Only through literature and the few accounts I've read. I believe the fact that they were there meant that they already had a degree of freedom. Tell me if you find any good sources!

  2. Shall do! It is hard to find.

    that is all I found.

    1. Last night I started reading Blue Stockings by Jane Robinson. It's a nonfiction chronicle of women's higher education in Britain up to 1939. It's very engaging and I already recommend it!