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Monday, August 12, 2013

A pink mood

Today's color scheme was rose tinted! First I was so happy to get my mother's old iPhone which is much newer than my old phone and actually works! I am tying this post on my phone, so if the post has a weird layout that's why. Technology blows my mind! My case makes me happy, it is pink and looks like an English rose garden.
Also I am almost finished with my red and ivory 1910s dress, all it needs is a hem. I took some bad phone pictures, but eventually will have a real photo shoot. I'm very pleased with the dress. 
Yay! On a back to school  note I have assembled a few pieces, all slightly pink. I  was given a lovely elephant pattern homework/sports planner by my mother, also I now have a snazzy binder for the papers I assemble as the head of my school's costumes crew! Lastly I picked up an adorable pair of school flats by Tommy Hilfiger on sale at DSW.

I have been on a slight sewing hiatus but that is over now. So expect many exciting updates that are actually history or sewing relevant! (-:

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