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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Classical 1913 Evening Gown

I'm in the mood to sew again!
I have drafted, cut, and started sewing a new dress as part of my Downton Abbey project. This one is a jade green with a hint of turquoise silk chiffon. The design is very much inspired by this dress worn by Lady Mary in series one.

By the way I love the back of her hair, it reminds me of a Psyche knot.
Then I used this lovely original pattern from 1912 as inspiration for the design and it gave me an idea for how to draw up the pattern.
So first I drafted and sewed up a pattern for the lining (which is black china silk). That seemed to be going well but now I'm not so sure. Anyway, I then drafted a pattern using the synthetic red chiffon left over from my last dress  (which I have yet to properly post about!). Here's what the pattern looked like on my form.
The Front
The Back

The Side

 And here it is in the real fabric.

 Since then I have joined an hemmed the bodice. Next I will put the lining in order and then anchor the chiffon to the lining. In the back I will have the chiffon cross over and snap or hook into place. Underneath buttons on the lining will provide the real closure. So that's my progress so far. 

I plan on styling this with the black jet hair comb I got in Prague and maybe a jet necklace as well.

 I think I will gather up the skirt on one side and sew a wide panel of black lace to the underskirt so that will peep out. I will probably use one of these vintage laces from Etsy.

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