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Friday, August 9, 2013

"I can't wait for autumn" cleaning

I love spring and winter but I always come back to the decision that I'm a fall person. Maybe it's because I love chilly weather, sweaters, tights, and tweed. Or maybe it's because I secretly like going back to school and my birthday is in November. So in my "it's almost fall yayayayayayay!" excitement I cleaned up and organized a bit. Things have been pretty crazy/upsetting/all over the place in my life recently and I always find that a deep cleaning helps me take stock and calms me down.

I put up the Kings and Queens of England poster that I got at Blenheim Palace.

That chair is usually full of clean laundry, books, and unsorted objects. But look! Now it's just the scripts of Downton Abbey season one!

In other news I made something I can actually wear. What? Gasp? I know, it's crazy, it's so practical! I made a little gathered skirt in slate blue/heather colored subtly striped silk jersey that I picked up at Jomar two years ago for something like $6 a yard. It was a scrap left over from my 1913 blouse. Anyway It's just two panels gathered by elastic and finished with french seams. It's just short and fun and barely took me any time to make. I put together two little outfits to show the skirt in warm and cold weather wardrobes.

Spring/Summer; the top is from Zara and the pearl bow necklace is vintage.

Fall/Winter; the striped Oxford is from Jack Wills, the charcoal cashmere sweater is from a consignment store, and the cable knit grey leggings are from Jack Wills.

On it's own!

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