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Monday, July 8, 2013

Adventures in the Cottswolds

Some people don't go for cold, wet, old fashioned, and relative isolation, but if that's how you're going to describe a cottage in Oxfordshire during a chilly English summer I will call it heaven! The whole time I kept talking about being a senior citizen and living there, but that is still a ways off (-:. Here are some pictures of a slice of heaven.

There was a field of sheep in our backyard.

I love sheep.

My hair looked pretty crazy but it was wet and I was cold!

My oxfords were the most comfortable walking shoes I've had before and very snazzy!

The neighbor's dog and I got along quite well!

I didn't want to go to too touristy of a place, but Bibury was just down the road.

I really just can't resist Antiques stores.

I loved our house so much I was ready to stay!


  1. Ugh Caroline that's not fair to do this to me! Now *I* want to go to England!
    Those houses are so cute! And there is an abundance of sheep!

    1. My sympathies! (-; There is nothing like the English countryside, it's so beautiful, so timeless, and so historical! When I'm a bona fide British Historian after college I want to work as a curator in one of the great British country houses! And seriously I love sheep they are the best!