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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shiny Pretty Things

While I was on vacation I picked up some shiny pretty things that I will work into my projects soon. I apologize for the bad phone picture quality, but I'm really much too lazy to charge my camera let alone find it.

Aren't these stunning? Art deco shoe buckles.

Shiny rhinestone broaches; I think the first one is art deco, the little one seems really old because of the clasp, and the flower one is just fun

Tilt your head to the left... I didn't rotate the image. This is such a huge chunk of sparkly, I can totally see it on a late Victorian ball gown!

Two hair combs that are perfect for my 1910s dresses. The black one is modern made of jet in the Czech Republic. The honey colored one is made of bakelite and dates from the 1910s.

Cute Vintage pearl bow pendant

Elbow length kid gloves that actually fit!


  1. What sweet finds!! Where did you get them? A thrift store? An antiques store? They're really quite marvelous!

    1. They came mostly from a flea market in London, a few vintage and antique stores, and one wedding thrift store. I was really lucky this time with the wide selection!