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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adventures Part 2

Here are some photos of Cambridge and Oxford. I'm a historian in high school and have high ambitions, I'll leave it at that.

Queen's College Oxford

Oxford, they were having an open day when I visited so I crammed in visits to 4 colleges but wish that I had been able to fit in more.

Trinity College, Oxford

Trinity College, Oxford

Trinity gardens

At Oxford they draw symbols for every rowing race won by one of the teams from the college. I'm a rower so I loved how important an aspect of the society it was!


Pembroke college, Oxford

my favorite antiques store across from Peterhouse college, Cambridge

Peterhouse college, Cambridge

Last year I did a summer program at Peterhouse so it was fun to go back and visit


Fitzbillies, the classic Cambridge stop for breakfast, lunch, tea, or their famous chelsea buns

Clare college, Cambridge

I'm pretty sure this is Trinity college but I'm not sure....  this is embarrassing

Clare gardens, Cambridge

Clare Bridge

The Fitzwilliam Museum of Art, Cambridge ~ one of my favorite haunts from last year

Cows by the river and punters on the Cam

King's College, Cambridge

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