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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Adventures part 3

As a budding British historian I just had to take some day trips to the Baroque palaces of Hampton Court and Blenheim. I devoured Lucy Worsley's Courtiers last year and recently savoured the autobiography of Consuelo Vanderbilt ex Duchess of Marlborough. So these historic houses were at the top of my list to see.

A gorgeous bust of Consuelo, she was gorgeous, warm, kind, intellectual, and forward thinking! A real role model.

The Palace state rooms were full of tapestries in celebration of the first Duke's victory at the battle of Blenheim in 1704.

The Palace is truly beautiful.

The weather was magnificent and made everything that much more enjoyable.

Me in front of the entrance.

Doesn't this angle look like the Downton Abbey intro shot?

Having a snack in the gardens before heading home

I was very impressed by Hampton Court Palace! It was beautiful and very well presented and had so much more to see than just the Henry the 8th side. 
The gardens were beautiful even on  a cloudy day!

Hampton Court Rose Garden

There were so many types of roses and they were just in bloom.

King William II's staircase

Fountain courtyard

Fabulous special exhibition on "the secrets of the bedchamber".

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