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Sunday, July 21, 2013

1920s London debutante dress - Historic Sew Fortnightly

All done. All photographed. Wow I'm not used to both! I finished my 1920s "deb" dress without a problem and through it on with a make shift slip yesterday afternoon. I pinned my hair up and didn't even put make up on except for the lipstick at the end. So excuse any blemishes, this was a spontaneous photo shoot.

First things first, I used this past patterns pattern from 1926 for the skirt. The first time I made the pattern I sized down the bodice because it is MUCH too big, but since then I managed to loose the front of my new pattern. So I drafted a new bodice pattern based off of a dress I'd made with the old pattern.

It's a great pattern, I love it.
I have already showed you my inspiration photos, but I'll throw them in for posterity's sake. (-;

1920s silk and lace gown

1920s silk and lace gown

1920s English Debutante

The Challenge: White

Fabric: White silk chiffon, antique cotton lace

Pattern: Past Patterns #1965

Year: the pattern is from 1926 but I was not faithful to it, so maybe a bit earlier 1923-1926

Notions: Mettler cotton thread with silk finish in ivory, four white metal hooks and eyes

How historically accurate is it? All the materials are period,  I used an original pattern, and I think original techniques, so pretty darn historical!

Hours to complete: I didn't really count, but I made it in about a day

First worn:  July 20th for the photo shoot

Total cost: It was $18 for the pattern three years ago, $20 for the antique lace one year ago, and the silk was a gift. So in total $38


  1. I am really impressed from your work. Congrates. Your dress is so stunning and you look so authentically!.
    Best regards Thilda

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot!

  2. Lovely job! I love that you incorporated antique lace. It's nice to see pretty bits put to use and given new life. :)

    1. Thank you! There were so many things I wanted to use the lace for, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity!

  3. Your dress is gorgeous, and you look so sweet and dainty! Beautiful job!